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ATTENTION: This cardio kickboxing workout will....

"Make Your Body Burn Fat Like A Furnace And Drop Two Sizes Or More In Just 90 Days!"

Now you can lose weight FASTER than ever in our Liverpool and Syracuse kickboxing classes - read on to find out how...

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Ken Kronenberg
RE: Your new SEXY body -

Dear Future Tai-Kai Kickboxer,

Are you tired of doing boring gym workouts, endless hours of cardio on the treadmill, and following along with the same workout DVDs you've watched hundreds of times...

Only to see the same numbers on the scale, day after day?

Then turn up your speakers and click on the video below, because you're about to find out about the HOTTEST fat-burning workout in Syracuse and Liverpool - Tai-Kai Kickboxing!

It's Not Just A Workout... It's An All-Out Assault On Stubborn Body Fat!

tight absYour body fat doesn't stand a chance against a Tai-Kai Kickboxing workout. That's because it's unlike any other workout you've ever done...

Think about it - when you're at the gym how many of your muscles are working at once? Maybe 20 or 30%, tops. And that's why those same old gym routines just won't cut it for getting you in shape.

Sure, you might "maintain" you current shape working out at the gym or with a trainer, but do you honestly know anyone who's lost weight and kept it off for good working out at the gym?

Uh-uh, we didn't think so. In fact, every month we get dozens of "globo gym refugees" just like you who are tired of getting zero results from their efforts.

Here's what makes a Tai-Kai Kickboxing workout so much more effective at burning fat than your typical workout routine:

Here's How Tai-Kai Kickboxing Will Shed Your Stubborn Fat Faster Than A Kardashian Loses A Cheating Husband...

  • Total Body Muscle Inclusion - Instead of just working your legs, shoulders, chest, back, or arms by themselves, we'll have you working your entire body out at once... this means that you'll be burning fat at least 3x faster than you do with your current standard gym workout!
  • High-Intensity Interval Training - HIIT is fancy athlete-speak for peaking your heartrate and repeatedly over the course of a workout. This is how elite athletes train to be in peak condition, and it's absolutely the best way to burn extra calories and get rid of stubborn body fat, fast...
  • Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption - EPOC is what happens when you combine Total Body Muscle Inclusion with High-Intensity Interval Training... and what that means to you is that you'll continue to burn extra calories for hours after you finish every Tal-Kai Kickboxing workout!

Woman punchingThere's absolutely nothing like a Tai-Kai Kickboxing workout for burning fat and getting you in tip-top shape.

See, we're the experts on training everyday people to peak physical condition, and we've been doing it for well over a decade in the Syracuse and Liverpool area.

How can we make such a claim? Well, it's because we use these exact same workouts to get pro fighters into peak performance shape so they dominate in the ring and on the mat.

And now you can benefit from our years of experience training champions to get your own body in better than "beach body" shape...

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Four Kickboxing Classes:

Four fat-burning workouts at Tai-Kai Kickboxing...

You'll also get four classes as part of this special introductory offer. By the fourth workout you'll already see results and you'll be hooked!

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The Best Part...

  • No more boring gym workouts that don't get results...

  • No more watching the same old tired workout DVD alone in your livingroom week after week...

  • No more endless hours wasted doing ineffective cardio on the treadmill or elliptical at the gym...

Finally, you'll be burning fat, dropping pounds, and toning up all while having the time of your life...

"I Don't Get Bored With My Workouts!"

Really strong testimonial"It makes me feel really strong... I don't get bored with my workouts.

It gives me a lot of confidence, and I just feel like I was able to accomplish more with kickboxing than I was able to with traditional workouts.

I have a huge support system here... whenever I feel like I can't make it to class I just give a shout-out to somebody, and they say 'hey, let's go!'

It's changed my life!"


And if you think that testimonial rocks, wait until you see the amazing before and after weight loss photos from these Tai-Kai members...

Mary Jo testimonial pictureI started kickboxing at Tai Kai after my trainer suggested I try it. Seriously, me Kickbox? I honestly didn’t see it. I was too, well, “girly”. After my first class with Sheena I was completely hooked. Sheena made the class challenging and fun. The hour flew by. I was tired and completely energized at the same time. I knew I had found a new class that I had to fit into my schedule. I have been taking kickboxing classes at Tai Kai twice per week for the past 10 months.

I have lost 41lbs and a total of 15” (4” just in my waist). Even more than that, though, I have gained power, strength and confidence that I never realized I had in me. There is no better way to unwind after a busy week of work than to throw on a pair of boxing gloves and take out any stress on a heavy bag AND get a great workout at the same time!  A HUGE thank you to Sheena and everyone at Tai Kai for making every visit to Tai Kai a pleasurable one.

Mary Jo

Sar testimonial image"When I first started kickboxing I was 85 pounds overweight and miserable with myself, I had tried running, walking, and going to the gym and I was just bored with it all and I wasn't losing weight. I lost my self confidence and felt weak.

Kickboxing isn't like any other work out you've ever done. If you wanna build strength, confidence and lose weight there is nothing like it.

I have lost 55 pounds and feel amazing. I started this journey thinking I could never do it and now with 30 more pounds to go I've never felt better about myself." 

Sarah B., Liverpool

Austen testimonial image"I've been doing kickboxing for about 10 months now and have lost a total of 35 pounds.

I feel confident, and I feel that if (God forbid!) I ever get into a scuffle I have the knowledge not only to defend myself, but also to stop the threat.

Great workout... great people... great facilities. Couldn't be happier with it and I recommend it to everybody who wants to get a serious workout." 

Austen D.

Convinced yet? Ready to start losing weight and feeling great, just like the ladies above?

Be sure to attend at least three of our intense, fat-burning kickboxing classes each and every week...

Follow our exclusive nutritional coaching program and journal your food intake each and every day...

Watch the pounds and inches disappear faster than ever... and drop two dress or pants sizes (or more) in just 90 days!

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Right now is the best time for you to get started with our amazing kickboxing classes that are tested and proven to be the fastest way to lose stubborn fat...

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Yes! I want to start getting in "better than beach body shape" right now. I understand that I'll get:
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  • Outstanding coaching and support from our motivating and encouraging instructors...
  • And, nutritional coaching and advice to accelerate my fat loss goals!
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Isn't it time for you to realize your dreams of feeling good again when you look in the mirror? You can... and all it takes is starting today with your first Tai-Kai Kickboxing class.

I look forward to seeing you in class!


P.S. And remember, I'm so confident that you'll love our kickboxing classes... and the amazing weight loss results you'll achieve... that I'm backing this up with our insane 90-Day "Lose weight or we'll train you free" guarantee!

There's nothing to lose except those extra pounds you've been carrying around, so don't wait - click the "BUY NOW!" button above right now to get started.

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